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Dominican Republic & Montreal Locations Scouts offers location scouting anywhere in Dominican Republic and in Montreal Canada, photography production coordination for your photo shoot, location database plus full range of production services: photo assistants, stylists, coordinators, drivers, vehicules and more.
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We offer location scouting and productions facilities anywhere on the island we are an essential service for producers, photographers, art directors or publishers considering or having selected the Dominican Republic as locations for their shoots - locati
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Dominican Republic / Montreal photo locations scouts, locations managers, Dominican Republic / Montreal   photo locations libraries, Dominican Republic / Montreal  Locations databases and Dominican Republic / Montreal photography productions services as well as film, video and television.
Montreal/Quebec   is   much   in   demand   for   "OLD   Europe   Look   Alike"   OLD   MONTREAL/QUEBEC with   its   cobbled   stones   streets   still   in   their   original   form...A   New   York   winter   street   at   the   turn   of the   century,   a   16th-century   Paris   neighbourhood   or   a   Maine   Seashore   village   buried   under   gold and   red-colored   autumn   leaves.   Only   a   little   bit   of   cosmetics   is   all   that   is   required   to   relocate such faraway places as Shanghai or St. Petersburg.
With   its   European   cultural   and   architectural   heritage,   it   has   a   compelling   blend   of   Old World   charm   and   North   American   modernity;   modern   urban   cityscapes,   quaint   rural backdrops,   distinct   seasons   and,   being   an   island,   it   has   spectacular   riverside   sceneries surrounded   on   all   sides   by   water   (315   kilometers   of   it)      therefore,   there’s   as   well   no shortage   of   diverse   locations   on   the   waterfronts/riversides;   factories,   grain   elevators, warehouses,   mills,   and   refineries   …a   legacy   of   historic   and   architectural   interest…   as   well as     hotels,     condos,     private     houses,     manors,     historic     sites/buildings,     bars,     cafés, restaurants,   marinas,   riverboats,   beaches,   rapids,   pools,   spas,   woods   parks   and   much more. For more information via Email:  michelle d'Eze Producer
Old Montreal
Restaurants /Bars
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Montreal/Quebec    has    as    well    it's    Chinatown,    Little    Italy,    Gay    Village,    Latin    Quarter,     Quartier international,    Cirque    du    Soleil, Expo    67    Pavilions,    Casino,    Olympic    Stadium/Park,    Botanical Garden, Historics Manors, reknowed Universities  See   a   gallery   of   locations,   This   diverse   selection   presents   locations   are just   but   a   few   examples   of locations in Montreal and Montreal areas.
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