The green of Quebec trees turns to yellow, orange or bright red, there is no doubt autumn has arrived.   There is no ‘bad’ place for fall foliage in Quebec. Anywhere you are within the province during the fall months is going to guarantee you some of the most breathtaking fall scenery you’ve ever experienced – whether it be by car, bike or on foot.   Autumn, that transitional season running from September to November, is heralded by an explosion of colours, aromas and flavours. As September draws to a close, the forests draw on their fiery cloaks, dazzling one and all with their brilliant reds, yellows and oranges.   Thick forest cover and distinct seasonal changes make Quebec an ideal setting for the types of deciduous trees that produce wonderful fall foliage. Fall colors are typically at their peaks in early to mid October for much of Quebec, late October for areas further south and early November for the warmer areas of the region such as Montreal.   Michelle d'Eze, V.P Senior Producer International Productions Support Services   For more information via Email:  Michelle d'Eze Producer
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Quebec is one of Best Places In The World To See Fall Foliage
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Quebec Fall Colors

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