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Dominican Republic & Montreal Locations Scouts offers location scouting anywhere in Dominican Republic and in Montreal Canada, photography production coordination for your photo shoot, location database plus full range of production services: photo assistants, stylists, coordinators, drivers, vehicules and more.
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Samana - Punta Cana - Santo Domingo

We offer location scouting and productions facilities anywhere on the island we are an essential service for producers, photographers, art directors or publishers considering or having selected the Dominican Republic as locations for their shoots - locati
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Dominican Republic Photography Productions Support Services
If   your   "shoot"   calls   for   a   spectacular   variety   of   backgrounds   all   across   Dominican   Republic, then you need Michelle d'Eze and her multilingual professionals teams.
Based   in   the   Dominican   Republic   6   months   a   year   during   the   fall   and   winter   months,   and   the other   6   months   of   spring   and   summer,   in   Montreal,   Quebec,   French   Canadian-Born   Michelle d'Eze,   Sr.   Producer    of   Dominican   Republic   Support   Services,   says   "Over   the   winter   months internationals   demands   for   warm,   sunny   locations   are   very   high.   Clients   come   from   all   over   the world, notably England, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, United States. Dominican   Republic   is   less   than   2   hours   from   Miami   and   there   are   direct   flights   from   most gateway cities in Europe.
See a small sample of exotics locations 
Punta   Cana   is   one   of   the   most   beautiful   areas   of   Dominican   Republic.   It   is   among   the   best golf   destinations   in   the   world   and   the   beaches   here   are   simply   perfect:   calm,   warm   waters that gently lap at stretches of fine white sand. See a small sample of exotics locations @:
The   Colonial   Zone   is   the   oldest   European   settlement   in   the   New   World,   it   is   an   important historical   site   because   of   its   many   16th   century   Spanish   Colonial   architectural   and   cultural attractions   It   is   home   to   several   of   the   oldest   structures   in   the   New   World,   including   the   first cathedral, the first monastery and the first fortress.
An Hidden Caribbean Gem: Las Terrenas, Samaná in Dominican Republic!
Coconut   covered   mountains   that   march   down   to   the   sea,   majestic   capes   that   plunge   to   the ocean’s   depths   where   vibrant,   coral   reefs   teem   with   brightly-colored   fish   and   spiny   lobster, crystal-clear   streams   that   wend   their   way   through   the   peninsula’s   lush   arroyos,   playful waterfalls   tumbling   down   the   verdant   hills,   the   shrill   chatter   of   bright   green,   the   feathered arms of the coconut palms.
Concludes   Michelle   “We   have more   than   10  years   of   “boots   on   the   ground”   experience   in Dominican   Republic .   We   know   our   way   around   all   the   little   nuances   of   dealing   with   local suppliers.    We    also    can    help    our    clients    save    on    accommodation,    transportation,    and facilitate   permits   and   customs.   In   a   nutshell,   we   deliver   an   international   standard   of   service while   at   the   same   time,   enabling   our   clients   to   benefit   from   the   scenery   and   relaxed atmosphere of one of the greatest destination of the Caribbeans.”
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Dominican   Republic   Productions   Support   Services   provides   international   clients   with   turn- key      services for still      photo      “shoots”.       These      include:      location      scouting,      set managing/coordinating,   requisitioning   and   processing   permits,   casting,   photography,   studio rentals,   equipment   rentals,   accommodations,   catering,   transportation   (automobiles,   boats, helicopters,   trailer   rentals)   and   all   other   production   needs.   Moreover,   the   company   handles all   the   “nitty-gritty”   tasks   that   are   so   time-consuming   for   a   producer   working   abroad   -   - tasks such as customs, work permits and on-site logistics.
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Dominican Republic / Montreal photo locations scouts, locations managers, Dominican Republic / Montreal   photo locations libraries, Dominican Republic / Montreal  Locations databases and Dominican Republic / Montreal photography productions services as well as film, video and television.
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