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Dominican Republic & Montreal Locations Scouts offers location scouting anywhere in Dominican Republic and in Montreal Canada, photography production coordination for your photo shoot, location database plus full range of production services: photo assistants, stylists, coordinators, drivers, vehicules and more.
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Samana / Las Terrenas

We offer location scouting and productions facilities anywhere on the island we are an essential service for producers, photographers, art directors or publishers considering or having selected the Dominican Republic as locations for their shoots - locati
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Samana   in the North   East   of the   Dominican   Republic   is simply   a   magical   and unspoiled   location for films, videos, photos shoots! A      former      small      fishing      village      transformed      by      French,      Belgian,      Italian and Quebecers expatriates …..therefore, we have local trilingual team members.
With a picturesque landscape unique to the Dominican Republic (green mountains, lush vegetation, picturesque villages, miles of beach ... etc...) ... The harmony of three colors: cream sand, green vegetation and the blue ocean is simply MAGIC! For more information via Email: 
The   Colonial   Zone   is   the   oldest   European   settlement   in   the   New   World,   it   is   an   important historical   site   because   of   its   many   16th   century   Spanish   Colonial   architectural   and   cultural attractions   It   is   home   to   several   of   the   oldest   structures   in   the   New   World,   including   the   first cathedral, the first monastery and the first fortress.
In   addition,   a   new   airport   -   with   connections   to   Europe,   the USA   and   Canada,   a   new   highway that   shortened   the   travel   time   from   Santo   Domingo to   Samana   from   5   hours   to   only   2   hours away   -   they   open   the   door   to   this   versatile architecture   of   a   mixture   of   traditional, ultra- modern or rural Dominican Republic locations.
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Mixed Architechture
And of course exotic beaches
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